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In France, many ticket prices are reduced for “seniors” which in general means anyone over 60 years of age. This can be for public transportation, for museums, for concerts, for movies, etc. What is less well known is that this applies not only to the French but to foreign visitors as well.
I still remember the day, years ago, when I telephoned Air France to make a round-trip flight reservation from Paris to Marseilles for my husband and me, and the agent asked me if I had a discount. Not knowing what sort of discount she was talking about I asked what she meant. “Are you over 60?” she asked. When I answered, “No, but my husband is” I was surprised to be told “Then you both get the reduced Senior rate.” It was apparently company policy to extend the discount to both members of a couple – whether they were French citizens or not, and whether they both qualified or not.
Train tickets, especially the expensive TGV (high-speed train) can be had with deep discounts. The category you are most likely to qualify for would be Seniors; others are Students; Children under a certain age; and Frequent travelers, and not all discounts are the same. The thing to remember is:  always ask.       
Culture is highly subsidized in France and this is reflected in discounts for events such as art exhibits, concerts, or museums where another category for discounts exists:  Chômeurs – yes, the unemployed have their own discounts here.  


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